We are celebrating our 10th birthday!

We celebrated our 10th birthday with a cheerful toast and an amazing cake. And when blowing out the candles, we had a special wish. To do this big anniversary our way and give a gift to others rather than ourselves.

For non-profits
We want to help an interesting non-profit project and share our experience and fuck⁠-⁠ups with others.

Blueberry for non-profits

We will donate a mobile application worth 1,000,000 CZK to a chosen non-profit. We believe that projects that make sense should be supported.

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10 years, 10 fuck⁠-⁠ups, 10 lessons

We`ve experienced a lot over the years. Sometimes we were doing well, sometimes not so much, and we`re not ashamed to share our mistakes. We hope that our sharing can move someone else one step forward.

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